Neon signage that is beautifully designed and glows with the brightness of a single or multiple colours, is a throwback from the glamorous 20’s through to the roaring 60’s. Talk about taking a trip down memory lane. Well, we are here to help you to remember those amazing memories and create new ones under the glow of your very own neon sign. 

Neon signs creates an emotional response, bringing back a sense of a lifestyle. Neon was an era utilised to promote Roadhouses, Bars, Hair Salons, soft drinks, alcohol brands and many other areas. Now neon can be used for so much more, the sky is the limit. 

Whether you prefer the older more traditional styling or the new Modern styling , Neon signage is a leading attraction. This form of signage can be customised due to flexibility of the actual light tube.Neon signage of any shape or size including logo’s, letters and pictures, are bent out of glass tube with a chemical inside that is hard wired too illuminate at night . 

Inside, neon signage can highlight your brand. Inside usages includes above counters, in reception areas, waiting areas, exhibition stands, in undercover parking and shop fronts. This will give your brand a striking, sleek and professional look that will be visible at multiple customer touch points. Being visible at multiple consumer touch points increases you brand reach.

Outside, your sign will be seen from far distances and can still be seen and read in most weather condition. If the sign is big and bright at night, it will over power any other signage that may be near. This will give your brand the better chance of being remembered. 


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